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Multilevel Pattern Generator PAT 1250-16


Frontansicht PAT 1250-16

Key Features

  • Broadband pattern generator with 16-ary output signals
  • Pattern generation from 10 up to 1250 MHz
  • Freely programmable 32 MBit pattern memory
  • Two independent output channels
  • Latest technology using SiGe and InPh integrated circuits
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface on PC (via USB-port)

Brief Description

The multilevel pattern generator PAT1250-16 is a special generator for testing digital designs and components, e. g. laser diodes. The output signals use a multilevel signal code, i. e. they can adopt not only one of two (binary), but one out of sixteen possible voltage values. Every code element therefore is encoded using four bit.

Graphical user interface of the operating software

Definition of a Digit A single code element or data character is referred to in the following as digit. A digit is encoded using four bit and can adopt 16 different voltage values. All steps between adjoining voltage values are equal.

For the operation of the generator an external reference clock signal in the range of 20MHz to 2,5GHz is required. Repetition rates with frequencies between 10MHz and 1,25GHz are possible.

The freely programmable internal 32 MBit pattern memory allows the generation of arbitrary patterns of up to 4.194.304 data characters.

All signal outputs and inputs are accessible at the front panel. These are: reference clock input, two independent output signals (Multilevel A and Multilevel B), data clock output, quadrature clock signal ( 90° phase difference) and trigger output.

Output signals of the PAT 1250-16

Output signal A with statistical data distribution and data clock trigger:


Output signals Multilevel A and B wordframe triggered:

Output signals Multilevel A and B wordframe triggered

Technical Specifications

PAT 1250-16
Data rate 10 ... 1250 MHz
Clock input 20 ... 2.500 MHz
(Reference clock input equals twice the data rate)
Ui = 0,5 ... 1 Vpp, Ri = 50 Ω,
50Ω SMA, |r| < 0,2
6-digit frequency indicator (on the GUI)
Data output 2 output channels with 16 amplitude levels each
independently programmable, DC-coupled,
amplitude ca. 1,2 Vpp, 50 Ω SMA
Pattern Freely programmable pattern
Word length variable: 8 * m digits (m = 3 ... 219)
(= 24 ... 4.194.304 digits),
programmable via USB-port,
reversible polarity
Memory 32 MBit (= 4.194.304 digits per channel)
Clock output
  1. Data clock, 0,6 Vpp +/- 0,2 Vpp, DC-free, SMA
  2. Data clock-90°, equals 1. with a phase difference of 90°
(The data clock signal is derived from the reference clock signal using a frequency divider)
Interface USB-port with a data rate of ca. 1 MByte/s
Measurements 19" table housing, weight ca. 5 kg
widht x height x depth = 462 x 90 x 315 mm
Power supply 230V/50-60Hz/32VA

The instrument is produced by SYMPULS in Germany.
We offer a reliable service and 24 month warranty.

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