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Bit Pattern Generators
up to 60 Gbit/s

High Speed Multiplexers
and Amplifiers

Multichannel Pattern Generators
up to 120 Gbit/s

Pattern Generators
with Bipolar Output

Pattern Generators

Bit Error Rate Testers
up to 44 Gbit/s

TDR Measurement

Customized Special Developments

Customized Special Developments

You can't find suitable measuring equipment for your applications in the field of gigabit electronics and picosecond pulse technology?
We will be glad to assist you! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Examples for customized developments:

  • Comb Generators
  • Avalanche Pulse Generator
  • Clock Recovery Circuit
  • Sampling-Analyzer
  • Trigger-Recognizer
  • Function Generator
  • Samplinghead for Underground Mining pulsed Radar
  • Distance Meter
  • Bipolar TDR
  • Optical TDR
  • Electrical-Beam-Blanking-Generator
  • Clock Generator
  • Mercury Relais Pulse Generator
  • Jitter Generators operating at clock frequencies of 9,95GHz, 2,488GHz or 622MHz
  • Jitter Test Set for VXI-Bus
  • SDH Test Set for STM-1/STM-4

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